Who we are
Our company was born in 1978 producing casual wear on a commission basis. Subsequently we have diversified production specializing in the sports sector, working for world-famous makes such as Lotto, Diadora and others, producing sportswear for the teams of Milan, Napoli, for the soccer player Roberto Baggio.

In the sports field the company has also evolved in cycling, also on a commission basis, creating in 1995 a new make called BIKE SYSTEM to satisfy all the requirements of the cyclist offering a vast range of accessories.

Today the company has three brands that distinguish it in three different types of sport:
BIKE SYSTEM - producing headwear for cycling.
MALBERT SPORT - producing and personalizing clothes for soccer, volleyball, basketball.
MEDEA - creating gym clothes and underwear for men and women.
We guarantee a product which is 100% MADE IN ITALY.